GPT-4 Access. Is buying DALL-E credits count as successful payment through developer platform?

I have a paid OpenAI account and I used API for a few month but my virtual credit card auto blocked before paying for the tokens, so I have no successful payments yet. Btw I am surprised that OpenAI haven’t sent me any emails and did not suspend my account for not paying. I unblocked my card but it will take a month to get a bill as I understand.

If I buy DALL-E credits would it count as successful payment through developer platform?

I didn’t know that there will be enough of a sample size of users here who,

  1. Bought DALL-E credits
  2. Haven’t used enough of the language model APIs to necessitate payment for a billing cycle
  3. Didn’t already get GPT-4 access through the waitlist

I think your situation is unique enough that you’ll just need to either wait it out or try buying some credits and see what happens.

Do let us know later so we can answer the question for others :slight_smile:

this update might clear some things up! best of luck! also, I 100% agree with @elmstedt points.