Got "Couldn't find manifest" error when install the quickstart plugin

Followed the instruction on openai plugins-quickstart repo to install the test plugin and got “Couldn’t find manifest” error, any idea?

More context:

  • Set the domain to
  • does return openai.yaml successfully.


Guessing you need to put openai.yaml at

Just gave it a try, it didn’t work. Did anyone else get it to work?

It turned out to be an issue with Safari browser. It works like a charm with Chrome, and openapi.yaml should be at the root level, not under .well-known.


The openapi.yaml shouldn’t be at the root level. I mean I guess it could be wherever you want it, but the endpoint should be at .well-known and it should be in a folder.

@arevolutionofone, that is where the file is located in plugins-quickstart, and I verified that the plugin works end to end without any changes to the API.

Just found out the path is configured in ./well-known/ai-plugin.json, so technically it can be anywhere as long as it is configured in ai-plugin.json properly.