Can we have the plugin manifest file apart from domain root?

Can we have the plugin Manifest file at location like
https: //exampledotcom/foo/.wellknown/ai-plugin.json

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Quoting straight from docs:

Every plugin requires a ai-plugin.json file, which needs to be hosted on the API’s domain. For example, a company called would make the plugin JSON file accessible via an domain since that is where their API is hosted. When you install the plugin via the ChatGPT UI, on the backend we look for a file located at /.well-known/ai-plugin.json . The /.well-known folder is required and must exist on your domain in order for ChatGPT to connect with your plugin. If there is no file found, the plugin cannot be installed. For local development, you can use HTTP but if you are pointing to a remote server, HTTPS is required.

The /.well-known folder is required and must exist on your domain.

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If you root domain is: and therefore your API running at or

Then, your manifest can be located at:

The three scenario will be valid since the root domain is and your api will be running on that root domain as well, no matter how many sub domain you have for your manifest.

Note that, there is a difference though.
OpenAI will consider these three domains as different ones. So as different plugins.

That being said, I suggest you choose your domain wisely, since it will not be updatable.

For instance, using: as your plugin domain can cause problems if later you wanna add a webflow landing page to that domain.

Depending on your use case you might want to adopt a more reliable naming strategy.

For example:

Hope it helps.


my Endpoint is at Something. com/something2/something3/APIpath so can we have aipluginjson file at Something .com/something2/something3/.wellknown/ai-plugin.json

Actually, you cannot.

Your well-known must be located after the root domain. Otherwise, the discoverability of your .well-known would be too hard (how people could guess the exact endpoint of it?).

So, to take your example, your API can be located at:

But your well-known must be located right after the root domain:

The three lines above would be valid.