"Can't find manifest" when hosting on Linode and Digital Ocean

I created a cloud instance on Linode, cloned the Plug-in Quick Start repo, and ran it. The manifest file is publicly accessible at

However, when I try to install the plugin I get an error “Couldn’t find manifest.
Screenshot 2023-04-21 at 10.16.40 AM

The same thing happens why I try host/run the Plug-in Quick Start repo on a Digital Ocean droplet.

Does it need HTTPS ?
Im not a plugin dev, I don’t know

All traffic with the plugin (e.g., fetching the ai-plugin.json file, the OpenAPI spec, API calls) must use TLS 1.2 or later on port 443 with a valid public certificate.

That is probably it. Let me check and get back.

HTTP traffic works. I’ve done it with local host and it works. One problem I had was that my openapi document referenced https urls. That could be an issue. Also if you used the host injection method that OpenAI provided like I did, you might have to check to see if the injected host is different than the IP and port that your provider has given.

On startup you can just print the host info.

I had similar issues, but I eventually got it to work. The one difference I noteis that I did not have to specify a port# for it to find the manifest file.