Giveaway/Sweepstake in custom GPTs?

Hey there,
I am developing GPT-based games/challenges. I’d like to do a giveaway among all the participants who finish the challenge. Besides regular legal requirements for giveaways, are there any OpenAI/ChatGPT specific terms regarding giveaways/sweepstakes? I couldn’t find anything at a first glance. Will research further, but I thought I might draw from crowd intelligence as well:)
Has anyone done/seen something like this in the ChatGPT universe?

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You would have to use a custom action to be able to record the data for a giveaway and store in backend

AFAIK there are no terms or policies regarding sweepstakes or giveaways on the side of OpenAI.

The general rule is that you are responsible for not breaching these ToS otherwise you may get banned. Just to outline the worst case scenario.

Regarding the topic of giveaways and such the situation is a lot more complicated but I am sure you are aware of this. So, do your die diligence and don’t get yourself into trouble. :slight_smile:

Just be mindful that the only real challenge will be in getting the AI to emit any action that the user wants on demand after they obtain the full specification of the interface from the AI.