Managing GPT users - Auth & Monetization

How are you currently looking at the best setup to authenticate and monetize users for your custom GPTs?
How would you go about monitoring the actual usage of your GPTs?

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GPTs monetisation will be in the form of revenue share for the most popular entries.

I would assume that you might also want to add more endpoint-specific monetization and usage schemes to your GPTs

I am sure people will try, but monetisation is currently via revenue share when the GPT store opens.

I made a PoC SaaS that allows you to connect your ChatGPT with your stripe account, right now is in private beta but anyone can request access to it.

If you create a one time payment price in Stripe you can register your ChatGPT in the platform, configure the price id and configure the ChatGPT to check if the authorization is valid.

This video shows all the process

I switched to another projects because OpenAI was ready for launching it’s store but not sure if they are going to launch the monetization so… if they are anyone interested can try my SaaS, it has development mode for testing and production mode for real use.