Get verified as a builder

I’ve been developing GPT apps for a few days and I’m curious about how to become a verified builder. Also, how can I change my builder profile name? Additionally, I find it inconvenient to run out of GPT-4 messages while building, as it involves frequent interruptions. It would be more practical if there were no message limits during the building process.


Great question. Idk! Is the ‘gpt store’ they spoke about a thing yet? or is it in the future?

I think the GPT Store is planned for release near the end of this month.

I hope when they roll out the store, they take care of plugin developers first and foremost. They have been developing for several months now with no path yet to revenues or revenue sharing. Given the barrier to entry for GPT creation aka a cambrian explosion of GPTs and the challenge of finding an audience if you don’t have a large follower count, it is not going to be so easy for your GPTs to be seen and gain traction.