Who can an established builder contact with issues?

I’ve been building on the plugin store and gpt store since Apr 2023.

There is nobody, that I’m aware of, that someone who is well established on the platform and familiar with it can reach out to at OpenAI.

Has anyone had success talking to someone at OAI about issues with the GPT store?


What is your issue with the GPT store?

My gpt, Prompt Perfect, was taken off the store today for violating “Usage policies”

We made no changes to it and have been live in the store for 6mo.

I also checked the policies and we’re not violating any.

Started appeal process through the UI but want context on what’s going on b/c we have a large user base.

It was likely triggered by one or more user reports.

You’re probably right, but the number of people who claim to not be violating policies who are definitely violating policies is shockingly high.

Good! That’s the only way to have the GPT restored. If there’s nothing wrong with your GPT you should be back within a couple of days.

Unfortunately, context almost certainly will not be forthcoming, you’ll just be notified as to whether or not your appeal is successful or not.

Edit to add: I understand it’s been removed from the GPT Store pending your appeal, it you can share it via a link and DM the link to me I’ll take a look at it and see if anything jumps out at me.

Thanks for the reply. I agree it’s probably user reports

While it’s in appeal it has to stay private and I can’t share via link unfortunately. Appreciate the offer though.

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I have used Prompt Perfect before. Best of luck with your appeal.