GPT Store Release and Verified Builder Criteria

Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew any updates about the GPT store. Also does anyone know what the criteria is to become a verified builder?


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The launch date for the GPT store has been postponed to the following year. Unfortunately, there is no additional information available at the moment.

Note: At DevDay it was announced that the GPT store would launch this year, that is no longer true.

Hope this helps!


Hi @aditi4golf ! Like Eric said the store’s launch has been postponed to next year (it was supposed to happen in November). I guess it was a consequence of all the “drama” that happened recently at OpenAI.

You might want to check The Verge to stay up to date, I got the news from this article at the beginning of this month: OpenAI’s GPT store delayed to 2024 - The Verge