Gboard Acting Up In ChatGPT Android App

Same here, still has no fix

Signed up just to say that I have the same issue.

Was about to list the specs of my device, but I don’t think it gives any value. We shall see if it gets fixed in upcoming updates.

Other than this forum, is there another way to report this bug ? (In a constructive way ofc)

I bought a new phone because of it! Had a Motorola edge 30 pro, had a few small hairline cracks in the screen for the past 12 months but they never effected typing.
Noticed how wonky the keyboard was yesterday while typing (into the gpt app) and assumed the phone screens touch sensitivity had given up and was really broken.

Got a new Motorola edge 50 fusion, and typing in the gpt app is still messed up. Hold down delete and it stops are about 3 steps back. Caps keep toggling, it’s horrible lol. Glad it’s a bug and I’m not having some sort of stroke hahah.

It seems to have disappeared for me. Try joining the beta through the play store, or if there is already an update to see if that fixes your problem.

Same thing happening to me, only with the chatgpt app

Same exact issue here. Some key presses register but most aren’t.

I have the same problem. Hope the developers will fix it as soon as possible

Exactly the same with my Pixel 8 with Android 14

Same issue on Huawei P2pro. It’s blumming annoying!

I joined a beta program. Today I have version 1.2024.157 (was .151) and issue has gone.

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Had the same issue. Its rectified in their latest app update. 1.2024.157

I have found a temporary fix, by signing up for a beta version and update the app will fix the issue.

I guess the problem will be fix in the next update

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Same issue here with Google Pixel 8 Pro

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Got an update today, seems to be ok again.

Redmi Note 10 Pro

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Same on Galaxy S20+ Gboard and default keyboard also.

The same happened in my Pixel 8 Pro and had to change the default Keyboard app to Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard. Thanks to list apps provided by Techunwrapped[.]com, it helped me.