Funded my account but API doesn't work even in the sandbox

Hey, everybody, I funded my account with $5. I went to the sandbox and wrote a simple command. But even its execution returned an error. 5$ is not enough to output the word “Hello world?”

Here’s my bill

I had the same problem in the past hour. Makes me hope its a payment issue that will solve itself

Your initial payment, although showing as a credit, may take a while to actually be processed to the credit card which performs the actual activation of funds.

The playground message is a bit different than the API message expected for an unfunded account, but those messages are quite capricious.

Same problem here as well. Is there any status page to see if open ai experiences any outages now?

“Service status” at the bottom of this very forum.

It won’t have little things like delays in processing payments though. Half a day ago a payment attempt by a forum user also got the “please slow down” error of the payment processor even though it seems OpenAI had switched to a queue system for processing payments to avoid that.

The symptoms of the payment queue are like what are seen here: you don’t see the charge on your bank statement yet, you don’t get to use the API yet.

Service status: