Fountain: A sublime text plugin for GPT-3

I wrote a sublime text plugin that allows you to use GPT-3 / Codex / Fine Tuned Models within documents. You can highlight a part of the text and use that as a prompt for completions. The result will be inserted inline without disrupting the rest of the content. It’s a nice way to use multiple engines / models quickly. For example if you are writing a story you can follow a workflow similar to this: Use a fine-tuned model to get the completions into a voice you’d like and switch to the instruct engine with a prompt like What are three metaphors for climate change: to create a result for a specific purpose.

This works really nice for Codex especially, you can put comments above code you’ve written if you haven’t already, end the prompt with a comment and it will continue the code. It’s pretty handy for that purpose.

Github Link.