Exploring the Potential of Vim Editor as an Efficient Multi-Prompt Playground for OpenAI LLMs

Hello everyone,

Lately, I’ve been grappling with the Azure OpenAI playground, using my trusty Brave browser. I must admit that the Microsoft playground (Azure Studio) has left much to be desired, especially when compared to the OpenAI counterpart. The text area often becomes unresponsive, and there’s the frustrating issue of tabs crashing, resulting in the loss of my ongoing work.

For the sake of quick prototyping, I’ve been relying on web-based playgrounds thus far. I open a separate browser tab for each prompt I’m working on, experimenting in the playground. When I achieve a satisfactory result, I resort to the old-fashioned copy-paste method, saving each piece of text in a separate file using vim. Not the most elegant workflow, I’ll admit.

However, I’ve been pondering a more streamlined and efficient way to leverage vim as a powerful tool to eliminate the cut-and-paste/web process. I envision using vim as a dynamic playground manager, allowing me to construct composite LLMs by simultaneously editing multiple prompts during the development phase.

I want to clarify that my objective isn’t to replicate the features of programmer code completion tools like Copilot, although certain vim plugins can handle that aspect. Instead, I’m aiming to harness vim’s capabilities as a versatile multi-prompt application prototyper. Here’s the user experience I have in mind:

  1. Implement a fundamental keyboard shortcut (e.g., <Ctrl_ENTER>) to seamlessly submit the text from the current vim buffer to the LLM.
  2. Make the most of vim’s multibuffer/multiwindow feature to adeptly manage numerous buffers (LLM prompt instances) concurrently.
  3. Enable the ability to trigger prompt completion across various buffer prompts using a keyboard shortcut. This should execute completion in a specific buffer and insert the result into a designated area of the working buffer.

Now, onto my question:

Has anyone ventured into a similar endeavor before? To my knowledge, I’ve come across this project: GitHub - madox2/vim-ai: AI-powered code assistant for Vim. OpenAI and ChatGPT plugin for Vim and Neovim.. It’s intriguing, although it doesn’t precisely align with my aforementioned description. Are there any other vim plugins that fit the bill? I’d greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or ideas you might have.

Thank you for your time,


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By the way I just release my own vim plugin that realizes the concept:

Feel free to use and please share your feedback maybe on github:

GitHub - solyarisoftware/prompter.vim: vim as a perfect large language models prompts playground