ANN: Ficta, a minimalist writer's assistant

I’ve just released ficta, a small project built using Francisco Escher’s goopenai package.

Ficta is a command line program that lets you use OpenAI’s completion API from any text editor.

Ficta exists because I found it frustrating to write short stories and essays via the ChatGPT web interface. With ficta, the developing story becomes the prompt. ficta also lets you change LLM model and parameters freely in mid-stream.

Ficta attempts to adhere to the Unix/Linux philosophy that programs should do one thing well and cooperate with other programs. In the case of ficta, , you specify some text files to watch and it monitors them for changes. When you edit and save a file, ficta handles sending the contents of the file to the OpenAI API endpoint and updating your file with the response.


Nice tool! I believe it will be helpful to those who enjoy creating stories.

Thanks! Yeah, it’s definitely a niche app. That’s why I kept it simple.