I made a VSCode Codex extensions that's slower but better than Github Copilot

Github Copilot is instant but weaker than codex, so I often need to go to OpenAI’s website and paste some code. With this extension, you can just highlight your code and call the Codex API.

Extension screenshot

Step 1:


Step 2 - highlight code as if you are going to paste it into the Playground, this will be the prompt:

Step 3:



You can change the max length:


Commands (Ctrl+Shift+P):

OpenAI Codex: Set API Key - set at the beginning

OpenAI Codex: Call Codex API

OpenAI Codex: Set Max Length


Send feedback here or at vukrosic1@gmail.com


Nice! Good to see you’ve been busy.

Thanks for stopping by.

I’ll let you know how this goes, I’m going to install it. I also use Github Copilot, but find myself copying and pasting my code into the playground because I get better results and flexibility!

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Thank you for testing it.

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As I’m still learning how to code, I would be happy to test it. For now, I’m using Copilot and it’s kinda good for beginners, for example completing some JavaScript functions after I set variables and add some notes. It sometimes repeats itself or gives some code that is not working at all but it’s also very helpful in completing some code.
I was looking for Codex extension and I’m happy that someone made it :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, will try it out.

I built a python app ( See GitHub - wgong/gpt3sql: use GPT3 to generate SQL from text) to replicate playground, where each request/response is logged into SQLite database
And generated python or SQL code can be validated on the spot.

Is it hard to do that in vs code?

Please visit https://www.fastdevai.com and register for “Code Generation”. Please test and inform how do you find it. We generate code from English description using Codex. However, we are doing some pre-processing to improve the overall result. Further, we also generate data analytics code using Python Pandas and SQL. Looking for valuable inputs. Thanks.

@vukrosic1 try it out and worked, will test more, Thank you!

Happy it worked!!!

As a side note, I’ve build something like that for Jetbrains IDEs: CodeAssist - IntelliJ IDEs Plugin | Marketplace

So if anyone uses Jetbrains IDE (PyCharm, IntelliJ, PHPStorm, Webstorm etc.) instead of VSCode and want to have better completions, then you can try my plugin.

If it’s incompatbile with your version and you are not able to install it now, then it’s a mistake and it will be compatible soon.