File access issues w/ GPT builder

Today I’ve been having lots of issues with knowledge files – for a while I was having trouble uploading a file (similar to this isue: Unable to upload documents). Now I was able to upload everything (as far as I can see) but my custom GPT is unable to access files in its knowledge base (even though they appear to have been uploaded). It seems aware of the presence of the files, but is unable to open or process them.

Error messages include:

I’m currently experiencing issues accessing files, including the “” document. This prevents me from providing the specific instructions or details it contains. If you have any other questions or need assistance with something else, please let me know! ​

It appears that there is a temporary issue accessing files and executing certain operations that involve file reading or data processing within this environment. This issue affects the ability to access and provide specific information from uploaded documents and to perform some code-based tasks.

Is this a known issue? Has anyone figured out any workarounds?


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Hi, I’ve also been experiencing a similar problem with the GPT Builder for some time, previously it was difficult to read the documents in the Knowledge but with a little help I managed to enter the information. But now it doesn’t read them to me at all and tells me that it can’t access and read the files. How can the problem be fixed? without being able to load and read documents with specific information the tool becomes unusable.

I’m in Italy and the message that the GPT Builder brings me is the following:
“Non posso accedere direttamente o leggere i file caricati, incluso “(File).docx”, attraverso il sistema attuale. Tuttavia, se hai domande specifiche sul contenuto o desideri discutere di punti particolari che puoi condividere qui, sarò lieto di offrire un’analisi o un commento basato sulle informazioni che fornisci.”

“I cannot directly access or read uploaded files, including “(File).docx”, through the current system. However, if you have specific questions about the content or would like to discuss any particular points you can share here, I will be happy to offer a analysis or comment based on the information you provide.”

I would like to understand how I can reuse the tool where I have already used a month’s worth of tokens inside, thanks.

This is also happening to me. The files that I uploaded to the Knowledge are accessible and it can work with them for a while, and then starting a different session it says it doesn’t have access. I think this behaviour beyond erratic is irritating, since I cannot rely on a strategy for it.

I’ve also been facing this issue for the last 2 days; it cannot access the files with the CodeInterpreter tool. Always says “Internal Error,” and not able to access the file.

Has anybody resolved this issue? This is very bad for our users. Please help

Hi folks,
I have the same problem. My custom gpts can‘t read their knowledge files anymore. The files are formatted as simple markdown. In an earlier thread this problem is said to be solved. Unfortunately, I can‘t agree.
What can I do about it? Without the knowledge I provide gpt‘s answers are almost unusable.

Thanks in advance,

Here is some code from an answer where gpt tells, it can’t access files. Though, I don’t know whether it helps. It doesn’t seem to show any errors.

Versuchen wir erneut, die Dateien einzeln zu lesen und ihren Inhalt zu analysieren.

Liste der Pfade zu den neuen Dateien

file_paths = [

Funktion zum Lesen einer Datei

def read_file(file_path):
with open(file_path, ‘r’, encoding=‘utf-8’) as file:
except Exception as e:
return str(e)

Lesen jeder Datei und Speichern des Inhalts in einem Dictionary

example_mails_contents = {path.split(‘/’)[-1]: read_file(path) for path in file_paths}

In my case md-files worked in builder but when using gpt. Changing files to txt solved it for me. Novice user comments :slight_smile: I have used builder just few hours…

Interesting - So .txt works fine? Have you noticed any issues in the last 2 days?

Thanks a lot for your interest. As you proposed I changed the extension of my knowledge files to .txt today. Apparently, it works. I thought markdown is an appropriate file format. However, I will watch out the next days.

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I’ve had similar success. Changing to .txt seems to be working now for the last 3 days. No issues as of yet.