Extended Knowledge Error GPT-4

Hey everyone!

Could someone help me out with the “Knowledge” feature in Gpt? I’ve been trying to upload some info, but it keeps giving me an error after thinking it over and checking it out. Sometimes it shows a checkmark and then an error pops up. I’ve attached a screenshot with a simple question I asked.

I tried both a pdf (284 KB) and a txt, pdf (420 KB), and I’m getting errors with both. The file has about 37,000 words.

I’ve got all Capabilities enabled:

Web Browsing
DALL·E Image Generation
Code Interpreter

Really appreciate any help you can give! Is it maybe too many words? Is there a file size limit or something?

We had a few similar reports recently but haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing the issue.
Try disabling the Code Interpreter updating and activating again. Also, try to add a step of removing the files in between and adding them again.

This seems to help sometimes.
Otherwise, could you try to create a new GPT and tell us if the issue persists across GPTs?

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Hello! I’ve tried deleting it several times, and also turned off all features, including the Code Interpreter. Alright, I’ll try creating a new GPT and will let you know if the problem persists! Thanks for the help <3

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Unfortunately, the problem hasn’t been solved :frowning:

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Another idea has been that it’s the files your are trying to add. The assumption is that there is something that is not in line with the ToS and the functionality is being restricted without proper message.

Can you try to use some random other files that definitely will be ok to use?

Ps. I am not accusing you of breaking the terms. This is just troubleshooting, investigating and a write up of what we have done so far in other topics.


Yes, you might be right. There could be words like ‘panties’ and that sort, somewhat explicit, and he’s cursing at them. :rofl:

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“VB, you were absolutely right. I made some minor edits to the file, removed a few words, and the problem was solved. Thank you so much for your help <3.”