Feedback & question on my recent upgrade to ChatGPT Teams Plan

I just upgraded to Teams to test. Finally, I can manage team members from one place! Love it! I prefer the price to be the same as the standard plan. It did not copy over the GPT, so I had to copy the configuration manually.

I was surprised that when I “Upgraded” after the “Upgrade,” I was then subscribed to two services, one for my account and one for my new team’s account.

I am using the GPT4 API. Since I am canceling my account since I do not want to pay for two accounts, will my API keys stay alive when my personal account subscription expires? I canceled the account already, but I assume my services remain until the subscription period is complete. I do not want to be scratching my head when the API keys fail, whenever that is. I appreciate confirmation that the Keys are not linked to the ChatGPT account. They appear separate with different billing preferences, but I don’t remember creating a separate API account. It was just there when I created the personal account.


Others have also observed this, but the official documentation includes a note regarding it.


Awesome! Besides the feedback provided everything works great. I just copied my configs from one gpt to another and cancelled my plan without issue. As long as the api keys stay active I should be good! Love the new higher limits :muscle:

It has a higher messge count and access to more features than the standard plan which is why you are paying more for it

Yep! Platform, where you manage your API keys, and ChatGPT, where you pay a monthly subscription; are two separate services. Meaning that unsubscibing from ChatGPT won’t affect your API usage.

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Thank you @grandell1234 !

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Hey @EricGT ! They seem to have introduced a merge option which merged the user into the new team account. That works great!

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Thanks for the update!

Note to others: Do not jump in and do this without understanding the details

Please note that merging your workspaces is irreversible.

Hi there,

Glad to hear it’s going well! How many separate team members are allowed for the 25.00 upgrade? And do I get to set separate log in credentials for them?

Thanks, it looks like a great feature :slight_smile:

I’m having a similar problem.

I created about 6 API keys in my “personal” account, and then upgraded to a “Team” account. But now I can’t find the place where I can set up API keys anywhere. I can find the old “personal account” API keys… but no location for the “team keys”… how do I solve this?

I want to upgrade to Chat GPT API to team plan. Having a department with some sub-departments, I wonder now, if it’s possible to create multiple workspaces within my Chat GPT Team plan.