Please Add Plugin Categories in ChatGPT's Plugin Store

The Plugin Store in ChatGPT is an incredible resource, offering a wide range of plugins to enhance our conversational experiences. However, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to find the desired plugins due to the lack of categorization.

To address this issue, it is crucial to introduce plugin categories in the ChatGPT Plugin Store. By implementing a well-organized classification system, users can easily navigate through different categories such as language translation, productivity tools, gaming enhancements, and more. This categorization will significantly streamline the process of locating and integrating the right plugins for specific needs.

With plugin categories, users can explore relevant options efficiently, maximizing the potential of ChatGPT and empowering users to customize their conversational AI experiences. Let’s make the Plugin Store even more user-friendly and intuitive by incorporating this much-needed enhancement.

And of course, this article is generated by ChatGPT.



I came here to say this. Also, the ability to search would be great as well.

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I’d really like to see plugin categories, to search through plugins, and to see plugin ratings based on a 5-star system where users can comment on them through the app would be magnificent.