Fantasy Character Avatar Generator with DALLE2 API

Good job @PaulBellow

I created a simple app to honor my 3-year-old son and the images we created with Dall-e in the last 4 months.

Looking at your app I was more excited to create an improved version of mine, which will be a creator of pacmans for kids.

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A total of 49 art styles to choose from…

Cleaning up design on the library… I need to add up/down voting for the library avatars maybe…

What’s the concept behind the art styles drop-down. How that works in the backend? Asking this to see if may be something similar applied to one of ideas.

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I just use the info from the form (drop downs, etc) to build a prompt on the backend depending on what’s selected… I used the same concept for earlier GPT-3 text generators…

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If you ever get anything public facing, I wouldn’t mind poking around on the alpha or beta test… I see you’re testing a lot on your own. I have specialized in troubleshooting first time experiences and could provide feedback… duplication, etc. I may not know your language you’re programming in, I’ve forgotten more than I currently know; but, after doing this for over 40+ years, I can at least describe the issue experienced in a way that will indicate the area of a problem, mostly. :wink: Even if I don’t know what went wrong. :slight_smile: I’d be happy to run it around a few times to help iron out beginner issues with the interface when it’s ready. :slight_smile:
Let me know. I’m an old DND DM so, I know that side too!

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Thanks! It’s live on the site. Any feedback is appreciated.

Reworking the landing / homepage today…

Added sci-fi avatars…

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added Dwarven Clan Symbols…

added fantasy landscapes…

plasticine modeling clay, pixel art, and paper craft

@PaulBellow and here is the link for the plugin idea you had: Imajinn - The WordPress AI Image Generator - Infinite Uploads

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