Failed to get upload status

I uploaded a CSV file for analysis. GPT4 is able to analyze data and print results.
It also creates links for download.

  1. Individual Summaries for Each File Name: Download Individual Demographic Summaries CSV
  2. Overall Summary for All Demographics: Download Overall Demographic Summary TXT
    But when I click on the download button it show the following error
    Failed to get upload status for /mnt/data/individual_demographic_summaries.csv
    Failed to get upload status for /mnt/data/overall_demographic_summary.txt
    Question: Is there an output restriction on output token size because of which download is not working.

Try turning off the debug settings see if that work.

Failed to get upload status for /mnt/data…

Generated TXT files by my private GPT can not be downloaded. Any reason why?
@Dragonite how can I turn off debug setting? Can t find it in the setting panel.

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@Dragonite do you have the answer since ? i have same issue thanks

Same issue here. Appears to only be occurring in Custom GPTs for me,

Has this been officially logged as a bug?

I have the same and it looks like Opean AI hasnt done anything to resolve this problem…

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I’m getting this error "Failed to get upload status for " filename. How can we get this resolved?

Same here! Can anyone help with this error?


i have same error : “Impossible de récupérer le statut de chargement pour /mnt/data/”