Expiring Credits for free trial?

Looks like my remaining credits will be expiring in a few days. Any chance we can request a renewal or extension, or additional grant?

OpenAI have been very clear and upfront about the terms of the free trial, but I was hoping there might be a way to extend unused ones, as the date drew near.

Others completely missed this deadline, like this comment: Expired trial tokens

If not, I completely understand, and thanks for giving me the chance to play with it. I may try and burn my remaining credits this weekend. But if there is a way to request an extension, please let me know.


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Probably you can’t :disappointed_relieved:
Read the help guide: What happens after I use all 300K tokens or the 3-months is up in the Free trial?

To explore and experiment with the API, all new users get 300,000 free tokens for the davinci engine, or the equivalent across other engines. These tokens expire after 3 months.

Price Guide: Per-model prices

As much as they made clear in the documentation about the information about the free period of use of the beta key, they should leave it sampled among the playgrounds for better management.

Note: Private Beta Codex Is Free while it’s on Private (If you have an key of the private codex beta)

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