Expired trial tokens


I’ve been on and off building a project with the OpenAI API which has been a really cool experience. It seems my credited tokens from when I got into the program have now expired. Is there a way to get these credits back or will I have to pay to use the API going forward?


:rofl: :joy: they get us hooked and then we have to pay… :sob:

OpenAI offer sponsorships, perhaps look out for those and apply.

Edit: I didn’t read carefully, your tokens expired before you even used them :sob: that does seem unfair. I burned my free tokens playing with my son, we built our own language using Davinci, was the most fun we had this whole year! Now that the work is paying, I only do “real” stuff.


I burned my tokens in a few days.


My token expired likely on what I’m seeing was the August deadline.

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I fear my trials end. I’m sorry you’re fun had to end.