Please Help -Payment-

i am logged in my personal account, i was trying to use the example given by OpenAI in the section “OpenAI API”, the one about suggesting an horse name. It shows me this message: “You’ve reached your usage limit”
so i check in my account and i have used only 0.36$ on 18$, and i have the free usage still, BUT i read down below “Grant 1 - $18.00 - Expired 1 dicember 2022”…
what does this means???
i don’t find any documentation on my personal account about what does this means, and i even can’t find what the time limit is and if there was any.
do you guys have any help?
i don’t understand clearly why i can’t use more tokens.

thank you for the help

Grants are only valid for 3 months. From your description the grant expired in Dec.


how do i renovate to still get to use my free remaining 18$?

You cannot. That grant is past its validity. Now you’ll have to use a payment method to pay for the usage.

More info here

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I am in the same boat. limit expired, trying to develop my own app for community service and have been locked down. My free trial is on $0 and no expiry date shown. API also not working. don’t they want people to use their system/technology.