Openai's API Key Expiration

it really makes me bizzy, im no longer can use my openai api key, its expiring!. how to reactivate it again?, iv’e been waiting for long, but it doesnt come normal. At all.

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the key didn’t expire… but that particular grant of $18. you can go to OpenAI API

and enter a payment method, you will need to pay for the API usage, but it will just work. you can define a limit also

each API call is not expensive, not sure what you want to use, check the openai price page… HTH

Will we able to use the free $5 credit after entering payment details or we’ll be charged immediately (no credit use) ?

Your free trail grant has expired, you will be required to pay for any tokens you use from now on via your payment method.

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@Foxabilo : How is it that we can use ChatGPT 3.5 for free via the chat interface, but can’t use it via the API key for free? Users could be given at least a few free accesses per day, to encourage adoption. As of now, I’m more inclined to use HuggingFace, since it allows free access via its API. Please communicate this to the decision-makers in OpenAPI. Just like OP, even I was perplexed to be shown the screen which showed that I had no credits remaining, when I hadn’t even used it even once.

I would totally agree if it was not for the fact that every user can get a free trial of the API, once. It’s just a matter of fact that sometimes this free grant expires before it is used.