Exceeded current quota error

Why do I get this error when I am on a paid plan and using the assistant beta version in the playground?

why am I not able to find gpt 4 in the model dropdown?

I have been writing this to the support team for 3 days and haven’t heard a word from them.

The “paid plan” subscription of ChatGPT Plus does not matter for API usage.

The OpenAI API, you must pay for the data of every call. Pricing

The playground, like the name suggests, is just a testing platform. You are expected to develop your own applications with API access over the network.

You must fund your separate API account balance with prepaid credits in order to pay for the services.

I couldn’t understand what was going wrong here, the support team too didn’t get back. Thank you so much.

I got the same error like you and solved the problem by increasing Credit Grants.
You can increase it according to following steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Billing > Add to Credit balance.
  2. Type the amount you want to use and click ‘continue’.
    I hope this may help you.