API Error: You exceeded your current quota

I’m creating a RAG application using Mongo DB and Langchain. I’m following a tutorial which I found from mongo atlas search page. I’m trying to use my own custom data for ingestion and have a simple txt file. I tried calling the api for creating embeddings for the first time and got “you exceeded your current quota” error. The dashboard clearly shows that there has been no usage. Can anyone help in fixing this please.

Hi! Have you funded your API account with any credits?

Hi, I’ve encountered the same error. I previously was on free credits and I’ve paid $10 to run my small project. Now that I’m on Usage Tier 1, it says I’ve exceeded my quota with error 429. Contacting the bot and help just recommends that I pay more or go up a tier in spending. My uses 350 tokens so it is quite small.

Is there a ticket system that I can enter? Thinking of getting a refund as the $10 I’ve spent has been for nothing.

I have not purchased any credits, I’m still on free tier but it is not used yet

I haven’t come across any ticket system as such, wish there could be something like that

Are the credits still valid or have they expired? You should be able to see this in the usage page.

Yes I checked, they are still valid, I created the account last week only.

Hm. To be clear, unless it specifically says on your usage page that you have USD 5 in your account, you have not been granted credits. To our best knowledge, free credits have been phased out recently. So you want to double check that.

If the credits don’t show, then you need to first fund your account in order to use the API.

If you do wish to get in contact with OpenAI support, you can do that via the chat widget on the developer platform. However, just to set expectations, it may take a few weeks until you get a response from them.

It says 0/5 for the usage in dashboard, I still have those credits

Can you share a screenshot of what you are looking at?

Is the USD 5 referring to the limit for your account or your available credits?

For example, this is what it should look like if you have credits available:


Ok, you are looking at the spending limit set for your account, which is just a default limit set when you first set up your account. This limit does not imply that you have funds available.

Hence, the course of action you need to take is to add a payment method and then pay in some funds into your account. Then you can start using the API.

oh okay, got confused, just checked in billing. It says 0 credits remaining. I will pay some into my account. Thanks a lot for your help

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The error, “You exceeded your current quota,” it means you’ve used up your allowed amount of interactions or time for a certain period. Different services that offer ChatGPT may limit how much you can use it to keep things fair and manage costs. If you get this message, you might have to wait until you can use it again, or you might need to look at different subscription options to increase your limit.