Example Doesn't Seem To Work?

I have access to the developer plugin, I’m trying to get the example to work, but can’t seem to get it to send any actual requests. It seems to be sending something in the backend to send a request, but I receive nothing on my end. OpenAI API

I asked it what it sent and it says:

  "operation": "todo.getTodos",
  "data": {
    "username": "abc"

But I see nothing on the server, no requests in logs at all under any path. this is localhost server if that matters

I simplified the code to just a ping example: GitHub - kennethgoodman/gpt4_plugin_test

Would be great to get a developer tool that shows the exact API request that was made

Same issue here.

Is there something that describes the detailed lifecycle of a prompt using a plugin? I’m not seeing the invocation from either the browser networking or the server on localhost.

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I think you can see it send it to the OpenAI backend. Better tools would be great