GPT not sending anything to local plugin helper server?

When I post data to my plugin, I’m now getting an empty response - not just a 200 without a body, but an empty block under the “RESPONSE FROM HELPER” header without any obvious messages seen in Chrome’s Inspect → Network. The request is properly formatted in the GPT box with header “REQUEST TO HELPER” text box, but not acknowledged by the local server or responded to in any way. It’s almost as if it’s never sent.

I was able to run the TODO example, and it worked as expected including returning confirmation codes. My code is currently a close derivation of the TODO example, so I’m extra surprised it isn’t working.

One thing I have observed is that I get a console message “Error with Permissions-Policy header: Unrecognized feature: ‘document-domain’.”, but I have the barest idea what that means. While both Google and GPT gave me approximate ideas of the error, neither could explain why I’m seeing it on the chat.openai page while trying to develop a plugin.

I’ve even whitelisted ublock origin, but that didn’t solve it.

Using Insomnia, I verified that the local server responds to post requests. Using Proxyman, I verified that I wasn’t seeing any posts.

It really feels like GPT is hallucinating that it’s sending a request. I have no idea why it would do that, since it gets the spec from the server just fine.

related do you think?

It might be! I just saw it and commented.

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