Error “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at ”

I have been getting this message solidly for 3 weeks.

  1. refreshing does NOT work
  2. support is absolutely useless and does not care about their base
  3. no - I do not use a VPN
  4. YES, I have cleared cookies a million times and it does nothing
  5. Yes - I am annoyed. The only way I can use this is in a sandbox which is inconvenient and not what I paid for.

That should be an indication to you that it is not a problem with your account or the services, but something about the web browser and its configuration and extensions that is preventing use, or firewall settings or other interference in the network connections.

Try using or installing a whole new web browser on the same PC, an alternate, of Edge, Firefox, Chrome. Without changing any settings or installing any addon extensions. See if you get the same results.

From there you can decide how to proceed in solving your problem, isolating exactly where “something went wrong”.

Is this a serious response.
A lot of your user base is having this problem, and you dismiss this as not your issue.
I suggest you improve your support before losing your users.

The forum is regular OpenAI users, not a way to get in touch with OpenAI staff.

You found a nine-day-old thread, so the reason for issues you have are likely different and are currently shared by others.