Error Saving GPT - Duplicate Actions

Hey guys!

I’m getting constant “Error Saving GPT” errors. I’ve searched the forum but most people say its because of the 10 File limit. I have 2 GPTs and one only has 9 and the other has none. Ive been adding a lot of Actions though, around 6 or 7. Sometimes I go into the GPT that has all the actions to make some changes and the actions are duplicated, thats when I know I’m getting the error as soon as I try and save it. The only way around this is deleting all the actions and then it lets me save it.

You can imagine how annoying that can get after setting up so many actions. Now I’m getting the same error on a GPT that has no actions on it. Is there a limit to characters in the instructions box maybe? Does anyone else have this problem?


I have only 3 files total size less than 15mb all three .txt files still the same error. I guess they have some limit on no. of tokens that the custom gpt can take it. I am planning to make 2 bot. Its so ugly and annoying. @openai should do something