Error Saving Draft using the new GPT-creating feature

I generally get this error when trying to add data to my newly created GPT.
And the GPT also seems not to learn something.
Where does this error come from?

2023-11-17 08_59_24-ChatGPT - Brave

I got the same error. Looking in the page inspector, the console shows “Unhandled Promise rejection: Cannot upload more than 10 files ; Zone: ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: FatalServerError: Cannot upload more than 10 files”

I got this a lot, even if its not 10 files, and the point is that i used textfiles that are together much below the 128k Token Focus-Window limit.
Therefore theoretically the AI should follow all Instructions that are in these textfile.
Yet the A.I. seems not to remember the uploaded information.

To me the GPT Stuff - at least for now - looks like a Toolbox for conversation chatbots. It seems not to be able to accept a larger amount of - lets say 50 kb of textual Information, and use them in a useful way.
Or it does not really yet have that 128k Context Window.