Error processing spreadsheet in ChatGPT - Code Interpreter

Hey guys. I have the ChatGPT Plus plan and I’m experiencing unknown problems using Code Interpreter.

“There seems to have been a technical problem when trying to open the Excel file you sent. I’ll try again to see if I can access the contents of the file to proceed with the analysis.”

“I am currently experiencing technical difficulties accessing and analyzing the Excel file you sent.This problem may be temporary. Could you provide details about what you would like to analyze in the file? This could include information such as the type of analysis desired, specific columns to be examined, or any specific questions you have in mind. With more details, I can try to help you in another way.”

File Format: Excel, xlsx

Does anyone know why this error occurred?

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Helly, The same problem for me since yesterday.

I had the same problem from few days, did u find any few new solutions?

No, I didn’t, but now it works generally.