Data analyst: error analyzing

I have been trying to analyze a set of data composed by 70 rows and 20 columns (numerical data). I have tryed excel, csv, txt… I also tryed to reduce the size (deleting many rows). No way. Chatgpt4 dataanalyst was unable to analyse those data, not evet to describe the content. I receved “Error Analyzing”. The thing is that yesterday, with the same file, there whas no problem. Any explanation? Here is the code:

Intentar cargar el archivo de texto nuevamente

file_path_new_txt = ‘/mnt/data/Tabla de porcentajes de familias bacterianas y nutrientes en laguna Garxal sin formato.txt’

Leer el contenido del archivo

with open(file_path_new_txt, ‘r’, encoding=‘utf-8’) as file:
content_new_txt = # Leer los primeros 500 caracteres para obtener una visión general
except Exception as e:
content_new_txt = str(e)


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having the same issue was working this morning and now has stopped any one else?

I’ve been trying Data analyst since a week with a Team licence and must admit was very disappointed. Even reducing our big data excel file to a few colums and rows ends up with multiple errors, crashes, mistakes. It is absolutely unusable.

Same issue here, I don’t think this feature works…it worked for me couple of times last week and now consistently it just gives an error. Earlier I thought, the issue was with my file so I changed to another file to assess…same problem…it has stopped working altogether now