Error Message - No Access to ChatGPT

When I try to connect to ChatGPT, I am getting this message, " Free Research Preview. ChatGPT may produce inaccurate information about people, places, or facts. [ChatGPT August 3 Version]", and I can’t type anything, or I get a blank window.

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I did… found many posts about errors but not this specific one, otherwise I would have not posted.

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Well, thank you. We are not all that good with this app. Maybe bring the rudeness down a notch.


Lol… wow! Like you said, i created the account right before asking the question (not really since i have been using this for at least 3 months, but whatever shows there must be right!). Can you believe i posted the same thing you did on the search section and nothing came out? The last thing i wanted to do was to “bother” the busy people that frequent the forums… i will see myself out of this! :v:thank you for the lecture (and help!)

Maybe bring the rudeness down a notch.

I agree! this is now the #1 search result on duck duck go, for this error message, and now we’ve all got to scroll through @elmstedt’s frustrated diatribe before getting to the answer. Dude’s spent way too much time on this forum.

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This point should make it clear why. This forum is honestly a “support overflow” forum. Whenever there is a noticeable issue there is almost never any official response and people flood the forums starting new threads, new posts without bothering to see that there are multiple potential solutions available.

We try to help but get overwhelmed and buried by seagulls.

You know, it’s frustrating and so common to see people do rude things (usually from ignorance) and then get flabbergasted when the response isn’t as kind as they expect. Then they walk away thinking “man, these people are so rude”


The answer is post #4, less than 2 paragraphs away. It’s ironic, really. He’s complaining about all of this noise that active members need to scroll past to find meaningful discussions and you are complaining about the same thing

Stackoverflow unemotionally marks questions as duplicates with a hyperlink to the answer using much less verbosity.

Edit: For example:

If I were allowed to post links, you’d notice none of the participants in that thread had a mental breakdown.

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Same people on here as the rude Stackoverflow experts who claim to be here to teach and help beginner individuals but whine that this process is similar to customer service. What did you think this type of volunteering was? They’ll argue that they were helping teach users a lesson and base it behind their God complex.

But you did not need to answer this post if you did not want to, did you? Are you sure you are not the one that feels like the main character? Ughh, this reminds me of one of my lecturers who gave me an attitude when I asked him to explain the difference between two similar functions and he said “just Google it”. I know how to Google but that’s not what I come to the labs for, I can Google at home. I know it’s not exactly the same situation, but it’s the antisocial attitude that’s completely irritating. Basically admitting you know the answer to the question but refuse to give it away out of pure pettiness.

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