Error - insufficient_quota, Usage is ok and I am a Plus member

Hi, I am a Plus paying member, I am trying to use the API and I am getting the insufficient_quota Error. I tried everything but nothing works.

and my account usage:

can anyone help me please?

Attaching the request I am doing:

Hi, I’ve been grinding away at trying to provide a lot of unanswered questions some resolution this morning. Yours is one nearly identical to one answered an hour before.

A: feed prepaid credits to the machine. A ChatGPT subscription is not connected to API’s usage.

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I charged it with 5$ isn’t it enough? because it still doesn’t work

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$5 is all you need to start chatting.

The actual application of funds to your account after initial purchase can take some unseen time for spending the credits to be made available. You can also generate and employ a new API key if the payment seems ineffective after hours.

Also note that your code won’t work.

gpt-3.5-turbo requires the chat completions endpoint, and messages instead of prompt. Its response is parsed differently.

Here’s a forum example of getting a response from the chat model after doing pip install --upgrade openai for use of the OpenAI python library and also placing your API key as an environment variable OPENAI_API_KEY

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Yeah fixed it already! Much thanks for the help!!


I’ve closed the topic because it seems to have been resolved. If you wish for it to be opened again, please send me a PM.