AlterAI - Your Personal AI

I’m pleased to announce AlterAI, a framework of intelligent tools for entrepreneurs, creatives, and personal use. The two features that I am most proud of are the “how-to” and the “top-5”.

I invite you all to try it out and provide feedback and suggestions. Now, I’m going back to hide into my basement :smiley:

I’ve also posted a showcase video on my youtube channel:


This is awesome @cristi . This is the first thing I’ve seen someone make that really hits at the unique sweet spot for GPT-3 of coherence and “creativity.” Its tangible enough that you can produce a relatively stable output, but not so practical and narrow that a different more narrowly trained algorithm would actually be better suited. Can’t wait to try it and hear about your learnings going live! Hit me up if you just want to brainstorm or bounce ideas around.

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thanks for the feedback. let’s connect on twitter and chat more realtime. @cristivlad25

My project is very similar. I posted about it here. Perhaps you’d like to consider joining forces?

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sure Dave. hit me up on twitter @cristivlad25

Unfortunately I don’t have Twitter. What about LinkedIn?

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ok, done! :slight_smile: I’ve sent you a connection

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