Sharing some AI tools that I have been working on

Hey All, I am so excited to share the hard work of almost two years. We have built an AI platform ( that includes tools such as:

  1. Notebooks - Deque notebooks have built in live coediting & experiment tracking using TensorBoard or MLFlow. No tensorboard or MLFlow installation needed and all your and your team’s data is always preserved. Notebooks also use OpenAI’s Codex for code generation.
  2. Jobs - Large scale training jobs with built in support for Multi GPU and Multi Node
  3. Endpoints - Deploy models with few lines of code with elastic scaling
  4. Drive - Auto mounted drives and custom datasets
  5. Distributed Training - Single click distributed multi node training on any NVIDIA GPU nodes.
    All these and more features, completely managed within a beautifully designed app.

In terms of compute infrastructure, we offer a minimum of 10% discount on AWS hourly rate and support SPOT based training. You are also welcome to bring your own GCP or AWS credentials.

If you like to try, feel free to sign up or email me at :grinning:

Best, Riju


Congrats for your launch! Hope it’s going to be rewarding to pay off all the time and effort invested into building your start-up!

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