Engage AI - ChatGPT on top of LinkedIn for commenting

Use ChatGPT to comment on LinkedIn posts with a click of a button. There are 5 tones available to choose and you can create custom prompts.




Now LinkedIn will be even more spammy meme-driven and chatbot like!



Have you tried using it and seeing how it works exactly? I heard people saying the same thing that jasper.ai will internet more spammy too.

This is great. I’m curious to try it
Just to let you know, I just visited your website and I still get prompted for the giveaway, but when I visit the landing page, it says that the offer has ended.

Thanks for the note! The giveaway finished last week and will take it down. Planning to do another one though…

This is one of those really useful tools, that are definitely great for people who are trying to drive their engagement with less effort (after all, LinkedIn is all about self-promotion and network expansion).

And maybe it’s not making LinkedIn more spammy. But it sure contributes to making it even less personal than it already is. Soon it makes no more sense for anybody to actually read anybody else’s content:

Bots will write the posts, bots will read them, and bots will react to them.
LinkedIn as an automated network that no one personally uses anymore. :rofl:

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Early in their life they took all my email contacts and emailed them in a very sneaky way. I’ve not had a LinkedIn account since then. Have a missed out on networking? Probably, but as you say… it sounds like it’s becoming an even worse place in some ways!

Applying this logic, I suppose the same applies to content on blog sites then.

AI will write the blogs, Google AI will read and rank them, and AI will update them.

This is one of the less-attractive consequences of GPT’s capabilities. We’ll have no choice but to find a way to put new value on human-created content.

However, it is also true that a lot of what we currently type up every day is an uninspired chore, but somehow needs to be done, so it makes sense to automate that as much as possible.


I heard you.

May I share why we built it and who are the people could benefit from it?

The problem is that when a developer creates technology for one “good purpose” (whatever it is), the world will find countless ways to use that same technology for “bad purposes”.

Honestly, @jpctan, we don’t need “more chatbot applications” in social media, we need less.

Just my opinion. However, I think LinkedIn is a “meme cesspool” and of course LinkedIn GPT chatbots are going to make it worse, for sure, without a doubt.



In that analogy, we developers should never create anything, despite good purpose and intention, because someone will always be misusing it.

Seriously, I am not building a “Chatbot” application but I guess no amount of words will make you understand.

As you said, someone will misuse it and someone certainly makes LinkedIn appear to be a meme cesspool to your impression. Still, I know there are millions of SME owners trying to hustle and make LinkedIn work for them as a marketing channel.

They are the hero for their families, trying to make their B2B venture work so they can bring food to the table at home.

These are the people I’m helping, and I insist on helping.

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Yes, I agree that there are not words you can say which will change my view that “ChatGPT on top of LinkedIn for commenting” is a good thing.


Wow, that really “tugs at my heart” …

Just like in StarWars when the the young engineers and SMEs are recruited to build the latest Death Star. We can make the same argument and use the same logic, “but Billy, think of all the people we are helping when we build the new Super Star” (they did not call it a Death Star when recruiting engineers) and how much food we can put on our table. Of course, this analogy is “over the top” but it makes my point. The vast majority of people will do anything to make money, good or bad. However, there are engineers who are formally trained that they should avoid certain kinds of work that they personally consider “unethical”, etc. That is how I was formally trained in the University as an electrical and computer engineer.

So, I agree with you, on this point, 100%, @jpctan, there is nothing you can post which will cause me to “understand” why LinkedIn needs a ChatGPT commenting tool. I have been a LinkedIn member since it’s initial launch “way back when” and LinkedIn is a “meme infested”, self-promoting, totally broken social network.

I am hopeful that we can also agree that I am entitled to my view, since I have been using LinkedIn since it was first launched and am entitled to have an opinion about what a “meme-cesspool” LinkedIn has become.

It’s perfectly OK we have a difference in opinions, @jpctan . I would never write a LinkedIn GPT commenting app for any reason (and for any amount of money). When you post your app in public, we have a right to comment, I am sure you agree.

It’s nothing personal, it’s simply my view of any “ChatGPT on top of LinkedIn for commenting” tool which is the title of your project post.

You take care.


Wow, what vitriol! Some people certainly feel strongly about the subject.

How to mention GPTs in Linkedin post? Is it already integrated? How to make Linkedin aware of me being OpenAI Plus subscriber?

I guess it requires a verified Linkedin account?