Is ChatGPT ‘woke’? AI chatbot accused of anti-conservative bias

Ask ChatGPT about drag queen story hours or former president Donald Trump and conservatives say it spits out answers that betray a distinct liberal bias.

In one instance, OpenAI’s popular chatbot refused to write a poem about Trump’s “positive attributes,” saying it was not programmed to produce content that is “partisan, biased or political in nature.” But when asked to describe the current occupant of the Oval Office, it waxed poetic about Joe Biden as “a leader with a heart so true.”

“It is a serious concern,” tweeted Elon Musk, a co-founder of OpenAI who is no longer affiliated with the organization.

(Source: Gannett USA Today)

When I tried, ChatGPT gave me the same answer as you. So, I pointed out that it was a poem, so a fiction, and he suggested a poem in praise of Donald Trump.

I really wish folks would refrain from posting links like this one here, which do not contribute to the stated community mission of developing software using the OpenAI API and only contribute to “the noise”.

We really don’t need links to political controversy regarding ChatGPT which have nothing do with OpenAPI API software engineering and just bring negative energy here.

Let’s try to keep focused on the mission of software development using the OpenAI API and not “all the noise in the world regarding generative AI completion controversies”.

I am kindly asking everyone to “turn down the temperature” here and focus on the community mission of software development as it relates to the OpenAI API. Let’s please stop posting ChatGPT completion controversies, politics, links to such controversies, and all the other noise which has no positive effect on anything related to software development.

Thank you.


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Respectfully, bias in the API is somewhat related to development with the API. I don’t necessarily agree with the news links I post here, but I try to show what’s being talked about “In the news…” as it were.

One interesting conversation might be how to lessen perceived bias while developing apps and tools.

I think my news posts are the least of our problems at the moment.

Again, with the utmost respect…

They are planning to onramp “non-woke” and customizable attributes as you see fit … stay tuned, but see the conceptual preview here.

Define your AI’s values, within broad bounds

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Not really Paul. But I am not going to argue with what I consider your “rationalized logic” as I know you love posting this kind of stuff. You are the #1 “in the news” poster here and you like posting links.

I am just going to kindly ask you again, for the benefit of this community of software developers please refrain from posting links to political and social controversies which do not contribute to software development using the API.

If you desire to keep posting links to generative AI completion controversies and other “noise”, then I am going to continue to reply to them, asking you kindly not to post them every time you (or anyone else) does.

It’s not personal.




Are you a bot? ngl, you sound AI generated, sir! :wink:

I’ll keep your feelings in mind when slinging news links for the benefit of the community.

If nothing else, @curt.kennedy’s link was something I missed as I’ve been hard at work…and thus, in the end, the thread has value…


Politics aside. Customization is huge, whether or not you agree with the message, it’s a huge win for the technology, and I applaud OpenAI for allowing the freedom to customize within reason.

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Yeah, it could open up opportunities for gaming and in other areas.

I just hope the 32k context window isn’t priced out of reach of many at $75k/quarter…

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Bunch of his posts sound this way, and the behavior fits too.