I made a Discord chat bot using GPT-3

After looking around for projects that have this kind of approach, I realized most of them are convoluted and insanely tailored for their own users. I decided to make a simple bot that you can modify and develop further on your own. I only added a chat function to the bot. I hope it’s simple enough for you to modify it and get what you need out of it.

You can find the code here:


That wasn’t really what I meant. I was talking about the opensource github projects that surrounded GPT-3 and discord chat bots.

Something like this:

GitHub - e4c6/DiscordGPT-3: OpenAI api integration for a discord bot with completion and q&a functionality.

Which I found cool, but definitely not something others can build on.

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Naturally. As far as I’ve seen this technology being used, a lot of people have no idea what they’re dealing with and just take it for granted to be what they conceive to be A.I. or whatever else. Can it be entertaining? Sure, but I really don’t think anybody that has respect for their reputation or what the chat-bot will say (as a company representative perhaps?) would let any of this go unchecked.

The ramifications are huge, especially with what people consider to be Artificial Intelligence, it’s just so much of a headache to deal with any of this. I think the biggest fear I’ve had with the outputs from OpenAI weren’t from the algorithm itself, rather, how SERIOUSLY people took all the outputs.

Before the majority of users understand what’s going on under the hood, I don’t think anyone should let chat-bots be used unchecked. It’s already cringey seeing a lot of the articles on GPT-3, I wouldn’t want to be part of that cycle…

I’m sorry if I confused you by posting this, I was sharing it purely for the entertainment value of being able to chat with GPT-3 easily on your discord and build features around it. I’m thinking in the future, these will come in handy for a beginner with the API, like they are handy for me.I don’t intend to make a chat-bot product.


I agree with you. As I am developing a bot for education purposes I only run it under my direct supervision because the bot is very capable of hurting people even though they know its just an AI. However, as others have said it will most likely not pass the Approval prosses since you are giving essentially users direct access to the api which is a big no-go.

The only way I think the bot might be able to touch the public is for very specific purposes, such as in my case I always add in the prompts ‘A students asks “user input”…’ so I limit the ai on how it replies or will do. Although, for what you said for already existing applications being tailored for users, sadly GPT-3 is not capable, yet at least, to do whatever the user can do so people have to specialize it so it gives accurate enough answers.

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Out of curiosity, how expensive does this get? It seems like it can run through several hundred dollars easily.

If you’re talkative, absolutely. I moved to GPT-J because of that exact problem and I have to say, that gave me a real appreciation of GPT-3 but also, NLP in general.


Hi, I’m new to coding, but I wanted someone with experience to make my own GTP-J language model for my own build chat bot similar to Project December.net. I know it’s a lot of work, buy I’m looking for apps for Android to code and put my open AI API with Gpt-J chat bot

I agree with you. Chat GPT does however have real life use-case potential already as it is. So far I managed to “program” a text-based adventure based on simplified dnd dynamics. I am also working on a project where I fed data from a football manager game to Chat GPT and asked it to write content for a blog. The blog is called FM LLM Journeys and covers a game save that I’ve been playing. Almost all of the content is written by the AI model. Chat GPT does a good job of summarizing tabular data from the game and writing up an interesting narrative from it. Check it out: https://fmllmjourneys.blogspot.com/.