Enabaling Value of OpenAi

This is a post of my experience with OpenAi.
I am a sickly person with dyslexia on top. I wanted to try to make a Program using OpenAi which filtered Feedback from Projects. But my health got in my way again, and without help I wasn’t able to dive into it. But happily it didn’t stop me from discovering some possibilities OpenAi provided me. I am often afraid to write in a Forum like this or answer emails and all of this due to my weakness and dyslexia. But with telling OpenAi to correct and improve my text I felt a lot more confident in the past months. It gave me a freedom and elevated me to act where I would have been paralyzed in the past, which helped my mental health in some regards.
I am writing as a freelancer in a small German Pen&Paper project. I could work so much more with OpenAI helps, not only to the things mentioned above but also I could use it to fight through writing blockades. Giving the AI a couple of dyslexia cursed sentences and let it dispel them from the curse gave me a lot of motivation and suggestions on how to continue, even I hardly ever used anything of it, due to that OpenAi didn’t know the rules of the P&P setting it inspired me and made me laugh, so I could continue.
I believe there is a lot of potential in OpenAI for mental health care. I hope someone facilitates it one day.

*This text is corrected and enhanced by OpenAi


That’s an amazing use-case. Thank you for having the courage to share. Did you use the EDIT endpoint?


Thank you :heart:

No, i wasn’t using EDIT endpoint. When i started i believe it didn’t exist and later i missed the feature. I tried it out just now. Its perfect for this usage. Thank you for pointing it out.