"Due to high demand, we've temporarily paused upgrades. "When will ChatGPT-4 be available for purchasing again?

“Hello everyone! I’ve noticed that upgrades for ChatGPT are temporarily paused due to high demand. I’m eager to know when ChatGPT-4 will be available for purchasing again. Does anyone have information on the expected timeline for its release? Your insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.”


Following. My bookkeeper cancelled my subscription, and now I can’t get back in.

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Also following this conversation as I’m keen to get upgraded. One of my team members joined before the pause and speaks very highly of the capabilities of v4 so as soon as we can get the rest of my team onboard and upgraded, I’d love to know. Thanks everyone

Following. I have been an active user of GPT-4, but I forgot to set up payment, so the Plus subscription ended automatically. For the past three days, I’ve encountered difficulties renewing my upgrade. This has become essential for me, and I’m eager to know when the option to purchase the Plus version will be available again.


Following. Does anyone know when will this be available again?

Following! Is it possible that gpt4 purchasing will be available again next month?

Following. Eager to get upgraded! Can you tell a timeframe by which you plan to enable upgrades again?

Also Following. I have a very interesting idea and I am looking forward to trying to implement it. :slight_smile:

Following! Have been working with the Chat GPT for a while and would really appreciate to upgrade now!

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following! Does anyone know when gpt4 will be available again?

Following! Why can’t I buy gpt4?

Following! When can we sign up for ChatGPT 4 or its waitlist?

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Following. Just like the rest :melting_face:

need to find someone who signed up for plus, in a very early stage.
If someone has the “refer to a freind” option on the bottom left. Please invite me!


Also following. Anxious to get on board (and give y’all money!!!)

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I just “fixed” it on a web version. Try to pay on a browser. I worked with me.

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Curious to know how a web browser version changed things. I’ve tried two different browsers and cleared site data and haven’t been able to upgrade.

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You can use chrome and go in and sign up for the waiting list . But it’s still not open

Following, I am eager to upgrade!!! I have so many ideas want to ask.

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I’m in the middle of a project and eager to upgrade!
Following to know when we will get the option back