Questions about the usage of GPT-4 API

I have joined the waitlist, but I still haven’t received a notification about being able to use it. I would like to know whether it will be opened or not, and when I can start using it.So sad.

You’ll get a mail from open ai when you have access and it should pop up in your playground under Chat option

Okay, but I’ve been on the waitlist for a long time, and I really hope I can use it as soon as possible. For I have built a product, many of my classmates are excited to experience this exciting new engine.
Thank you very much bro.

Is 3.5-turbo not doing that well for your application ?

Hang in there @galaxyjtone, usually it takes time as the invites go out as they scale up the model. If it’s any consolation, I also haven’t received the invite yet.

“a long time”
GPT-4 has been out for a week.
Cool your britches.

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The 3.5-turbo engine runs well, but i still hope to use the 4 engine as soon as possible.

Alright bro, hope you’ll receive it first.

I still haven’t qualified for use the GPT-4, and i feeling so sad about it.