Don't have access to my API Key

Hello everyone, I need your help.
I want to install auto-GPT and so I need my API key. In my settings, it appears in part and so I don’t have access to it.
Clarification: I am in personal + Mac + I have a ChatGPT4 account.

Thank you for your help

ChatGPT is separate from API. You need to signup and enter billing info for API OpenAI API


Hi, thank you so much for you response but I already have a billing account see the attached screenshot

Click Create a New Key. No way to retrieve previously created ones, but you can create as many as you’d like and remove them as often as you’d like. Would recommend storing them securely in a password manager if you do need to retrieve it later.


Which password manager do you recomment?

When I create a new key, it does not create a key for chatgpt 4 only the free version. I am a paid user and have been for months. How do I get the chatgpt 4 key?

Are you confusing the API with ChatGPT perhaps?

I need to get my GPT-4 access key.

How are you trying to use it? What URL?

Thanks for your help. I did some research and didn’t understand I needed two accounts.

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