Chat CPT 4 where can I get the API Key

I am currently using Open AI 3.5 for the Obsidian Text generator. I would like to upgrade to ChatCpt 4 and obtain an API key for it. How can I do this on my Open AI account page? Thank you very much.

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If your account does not have any special limits or usage upgrades applied to it, you can simply remove your current payment method, that will turn your account into a prepayment account which you can then load $5 into, after that you will get access to GPT-4.

You can also do this by creating a new account with different email and the same phone number and card details, assuming you have not already done this.

The 3rd option is to make sure you have your address details on your OpenAI account that match your card details exactly and then generate an API bill of at least $1 and then you should find GPT-4 access is added to your account on the next billing cycle.

API keys - OpenAI API

You need to go this web-page and click on create new secret key

To play with gpt-4 just replace gpt-3.5-turbo with gpt-4 in your Code it switches to gpt-4 automatically

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Perhaps you misunderstand. The API is for designing your own AI products and applications. It does not come with any prebuilt use (except for an AI model that likes to converse), and cannot connect to any GPT in ChatGPT.