Does the balance expire every new month?

Hello! I’m not very sure that I can convey everything correctly (I’m writing through a translator), but I’ll try. The point is that I’m not spending much money on my balance yet: we’re launching the service and I want to reach tier 5 early so that users have more options. At the end of February, I once again topped up my balance by $70, but now in the panel (Monthly Bill March 1 - 31) only $16 is displayed (I had no debt) … although the transfer for $70 is shown in the panel.

I’m completely confused - what’s wrong with my money and why isn’t it displayed correctly? I’m trying to contact the developers via chat, but there is only a robot there… Maybe someone knows the answer or direct contacts of the developers?


Screenshot? Sounds like you might be confusing the “limits” you’ve set with what you’ve actually used. Or maybe an API key leaked? Is there usage showing on the usage page?

Credits last 1 year, I believe, before they expire, but you’ll want to double check docs for most recent info.


Unless your account is switched off monthly billing completely, the billing overview will show the upcoming bill (that no longer gets added to when credits pay for usage).

Credits and grants are seen on the right side of the usage page, not billing.

Purchased credits expire in one year.