Does anyone want to test AI drawing?

I have created a plugin to directly generate images by conversing with ChatGpt. We will later integrate multiple training models for members to use. It is similar to the bot made by midjourney, but the one I created is more sophisticated.


midjourney for chatgpt ? :rofl:

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wow how did you do that?I have been searching for this tool for a long time. I hope you can reply to me and tell me the method

my guess is to take prompt as input then render the image on backend with stable diffusion and display it to user using markdown

I have attempted a similar task before and it appears to me that you are rather referring to free-hand drawing sketching but I have been working on an api for mathematical-related-drawings; such as, graphs, geometric shapes and 3D plans: is your plug-in capable of interpreting any type of input-drawing?

Yes, please. What do you need from me in terms of information?

I’d be interested in checking it out. I’m also on the lookout for APIs like you describe for use in my own apps.

I have a strong interest in using plugins for scientific data visualization. What do I need to do and how can I get involved?

Sure …. How can you share it to give it a taste

I’m a visual designer by trade and have used gpt4 to generate jsx scripts for use in Adobe illustrator to visualize the model architecture for an app I was working on.
Super interested in seeing what you have made and happy to give feedback.

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