I created a plugin that creates diagrams

I created a human language to diagram tool and have started creating a chatgpt plugin for it, here’s an early version running and working:

So far I’m really liking the way the plugins are designed to interact with the chatgpt interface and the LLM, nice work from openai on that end


THAT. IS. SO. COOL!!! Can’t wait to try it!

How did you get ChatGPT to render the image (assuming the generated diagram is an image)?

Hey, thanks! I will let you know when I’m ready to have others test it, as long as you are also signed up as developer you should be able to test it. If you’re interested you can try the web version of https://diachat.inmytree.co.za so long.

As far as the image, it works really well, I just setup the API to return an image in the openapi.yaml file and the UI knows to display that as an image.

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Amazing development! I’m currently struggling with plugin deployment. I couldn’t get past the first stage as it doesn’t recognize the manifest file in the well-known folder. What approach did you follow for deployment?

Hey Mustafa

I couldn’t get the localhost development to work 100% - it kept failing whenever trying to send an action to the localhost server. However, my manifest validation etc. did work on localhost.

I eventually ended up just deploying to a lambda function url and got it working “properly” like that and went from there.

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I just tried this out, this is fantastic! If you want someone to do some test and evaluation, let me know. I have tons of diagrams that I’ve built that I can easily test within your system as a benchmark

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awesome, will do! glad you like it!. i’ll send you a message when I have something ready for others to try out

Can you tell us how you defined the image in your yaml? It would save me lot’s of time experimenting. e.g., did you just say type: image?

Serve the image url and the plug-in seems to handle the rest.

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yup, I keep forgetting how flexible gpt is. A whole new style of pgming.

Here’s how chatGPT suggests including an image you want to source as part of a response. Haven’t actually tried it…

      description: Image response
        image/png: # Specify the MIME type of the image (e.g., image/png, image/jpeg)
            type: string
            format: binary

diachat.inmytree is amazing i was wondering if you had any progress getting the plugin verified

Hey, I really like Diachat. Unfortunately it seems to be down for a while.
Any updates on this?

dai chat has helped me a lot with my mind mapping but I can’t access it anymore Can anybody tell me if and where I can use it again?

Is DiaChat available still? It’s a great tool and I have used it to create diagrams for my conceptual frameworks to include in my research papers. I haven’t found another tool that does what DiaChat can do.

If you’re in a pinch, you can try asking chatGPT to write code for a plantUML figure, that you can paste into a plantUML webserver
Then you can create figures like this: