Does anyone want to team up/network/exchage notes

Hi all,

My name is Christopher and ive been tinkering for almost a year now with the chatgpt api. I consider myself a keyboard warrior and have been dumping free time into being familiar from computer since the first time my windows ever got stuck at a recovery scene. Ive held position for information technology in the healthcare industry briefly and even freelanced gold farm for the virtual-goods/streaming platforms. Ive spent so long keeping online-handles visible on community leader boards to quit now would equate to all that time wasted. That being said towards the actual computer science I am for the most part self-taught.

But I am not quiter.

Anyways - I was wanting to start my own forum board/blog/e-commerce store mostly for testing purpose but was thinking about exposing some of my finding to the internet and having trouble seeing the project through completely. For the most part starting over each time I make my way back to scope. Seeing as this is becoming a ramble session, if anyone wants to team up/swap notes/collaborate I am available. If anyone has these problems or need a break from yelling at chatgpt I want to encourage to reach out and make myself available at same time.

My communication skill could use human interaction and my llms suggested I reach out. So here i am. If anyone else relates to this (whole or part) slide me a DM.

fun fact: this is also the theme of the forum I am wanting to launch and could also use feedback too eventually. So forums for peer to peer kind of but just to finish that thought


If this is genuine I have no doubt you’ll be basking in money brother.